Sunday, February 13, 2011

I think I can sing better than Bob Dylan...

I love music.  I love all kinds of music.  While there is other music that I prefer over others, I still have an open mind and can respect the fact that people can express themselves through all genres.  I am also all about supporting new artists and giving them the recognition that they have worked so hard to achieve....however, who the heck is Arcade Fire and how did they beat out Lady A, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc...for Album of the Year?  I lost interest into their performance very quickly...I mean of course of all the groups nominated in that category, they needed the biggest career booster...but REALLY?  I was SHOCKED.  Once it was announced, my mom said "REALLY, are you kidding me?  I stayed up all night to see a group that I don't even know win?  I would have picked Eminem over them."  Haha, couldn't agree more Momma Jean.

Lady Gaga of course delivered her highly anticpated freak show performance....I love her music, but I forget about how talented of a musician she actually is b/c I can't get past her choice of clothing...the points coming out of her shoulders and forehead...what the heck?  I also found it weird that she thanked Whitney Houston at the end...ohhhh k Gaga, whatever drugs you are on, I do not want to try them!

Best New Artist goes to.........Esperanza Spalding?  WTF?  SHE BEAT BIEBER? Who is this girl?  I will admit I have a slight case of Bieber Fever....regardless of what people say about him, the kid is talent.  He can sing, dance, actually play instruments....he will be around for awhile. 
Some other WTF moments....Rihanna's whorish performance and choice in clothing, Bob Dylan...yeah still cannot sing, and Mick Jagger, well bless his heart, he tried.
Moments I loved?  Bruno Mars, this kid can do no wrong (musically) in my eyes, LOVED his performance.  The tribute to Aretha (Yolanda Adams, Martina McBride, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson & Florence ?)...LOVED it.  While Christina Aguilera did not wear the most flattering dress in the world, she totally redeemed herself...excellent vocals, and Jennifer, well she looked amazing and sounded even better!  Lady A dominated, congrats to them!

Sidenote: I am on a mission to see all 10 Oscar nominated movies....I have only 3 left (The King's Speech, The Fighter & Social Network).  I watched most of them this weekend and I have to say, 127 Hours has probably been my most favorite thus far.  I may be bias b/c I would marry James Franco at the drop of a hat AND I love a true story, especially one with a great ending.  So, everyone go see it...but there are several parts you find yourself's a truly amazing story. 

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