Monday, February 14, 2011

Best. Valentine's. Day. Ever. (Thanks KSU).


Ok....after I calmed down from the excitement of the game...I was able to focus on The Bachelor.  It is officially down to 6 women: Britt, Emily, Chantal, Shawntel, Michelle & Ashley....and they are on the island of Anguilla. 

Emily is the lucky lady to get the first one on one date to their OWN ISLAND in the middle of the Carribean.  Get it girl!  :)  It was PRETTY awkward watching them make some small talk when they first got situated on the island.  Also, ABC, epic fail on the editing.  One second they are all dried off and the next minute, their hair is wet and looks like they had been for a swim.  Cheesiest line EVER, "We're losing the sun and gaining the moon."  I am so glad they finally opened up to each other and I am starting to see chemistry there.  I know Brad really wants to meet Ricky, Emily's daughter, but I have to give her props for wanting to protect her daughter.  Brad "broke the rules" by telling her that they are going to her hometown and she WILL be getting a rose to ease her mind a little bit. 

Poor Britt, just can't seem to catch a break on catching some alone time with Brad.  Girlfriend needs to eat a twinkie or something in the meantime, she is so tiny!  And, any stylists out there want to work their magic on her hair...please?

Shawntel got the second date.  They went for a bike ride and toured the streets of Anguilla.  She is a fun girl with a great personality...and he was able to see that.  I also love that they can walk the streets with full glasses of wine in hand.  Later in the night, during dinner, they were able to open up about their families and I am not going to lie, I found myself zoning out.  But, none the less they are happy dancing to the music of the most "popular" singer in Anguilla....whatever that means. 

In the meantime, Britt gets notice that she will get the next one on one date! And all of the girls are green with envy watching them wade through the "Sea of Love" to their own yacht.  Michelle probably had my favorite line of the night, "Not only do I not see them getting married, I don't know if I even see them friending each other on facebook."  They get to go cliff diving, and I might be slightly jealous....I mean Jacob from Twilight and his Wolfpack got to do it!  I like Britt.  I just don't know if I like her for Brad.  She seems almost to honest and genuine, and relatable (at least for me anyway).  I think Brad was trying way too hard to find a romantic connection with her, when it is just not there.  Definitely better off as friends and Britt had a hard time recognizing that.  He had no rose with him, but still bid her Adieu.  I did find it funny that she went straight to Michelle to hug her goodbye.  Weird. 

Finally, the group date.  Brad woke them up in the middle of the night and surprised them with a photoshoot for Sports Illustrated.  I understand the fact that Chantal feels fat, what girl doesn't have those days, but she has been in a swimsuit every day...what's different.  Ashley and Chantal went topless and Michelle just isn't the type of girl that is "easily persuaded" to do that.  But, she has a passionate makeout session with Brad in the sand right in front of the other girls.  Way to keep it classy.  Lots of estrogen and emotions flying around and this date is a pretty lame one, thank God for the pretty colored drinks to keep it going.  I secretly wished he did not give Ashley the rose (Michelle at least keeps it entertaining)....she is way too insecure and talks in a baby voice.  Basically, Brad just played the role of therapist...especially to Chantal, who knows how to turn up the waterworks.

Again, Brad decides to be a "rule breaker" and ditch the cocktail party before the rose ceremony.  Such a rebel he is.  I leave you with two words: GOODBYE MICHELLE!!!!!!! 

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