Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thank God for Idol....

Ok, so I might have been slacking on my Bachelor opinions...Brad drives me more and more crazy with each episode.  But, he and Chantal have a natural chemistry...I want them to end up together.  AND, I want Emily to be the next Bachelorette because she deserves someone better than Brad!

With The Bachelor nearing an end, I am so happy I have American Idol.  While I originally said I would NEVER watch it after Simon departed....I gave in and love it better than ever.  Steven Tyler is HILARIOUS and really shows his compassionate side...great addition.  It seems like there is more and more talent this year than has ever been before.  The top 12 boys sang tonight and I have favorites: Casey Abrams (Seth Rogan in a beard) and Paul McDonald (Old soul with a beautiful voice and smile).  But, also watch out for James Durbin (the boy can rock like nobody's business), Scotty McCreery(lowwww Josh Turner meets Randy Travis voice) and Jacob Lusk (Not my cup of tea, but the judges seem to love him).  I am excited to see the girls BRING IT.