Monday, February 7, 2011

And to think I don't have an opinion....

During a discussion between Emily and Michelle, these exact words came out of Michelle's mouth when talking about Chantal O., "For me, I just feel like she's really agressive and really overly confident, almost like egotistical."  Ok pot, meet kettle!  Michelle was only a little bitter as Chantal O. is the lucky lady to receive the first one-on-one date.  I may not be her biggest fan (nothing against her, just the fact that she is not Emily), but there is no denying the chemistry that her & Brad share.  Not only does she get the one-on-one date with Brad, but they got to do something I have on my Bucket List: Ziplining....and not just any old zipline, of course is is the longest one in the world.  Then again, I think ABC chose this just so Brad could use the line, "taking our relationship to new heights".  Oh boy.  I did love the fact that during the evening when it started raining and they both grab ahold of their wine glasses.  Priorities.  When Chantal O. changed into some dry clothes (and by dry clothes I mean Brad's shirt and nothing else), she walked out and Brad gave her the "I want you so bad right now" look.  And....she get's the rose. 

Emily, Shawntel, Crazy Michelle, Britt, Ashley, and Jackie.  They were going to repel down a waterfall, when they were looking over, I was secretly hoping Michelle would lose her footing.  Darn, wishful thinking.  I am unsure of Ashley's intelligence level the more and more I see of it the editing or whatever you want.  She gushed at how amazing Brad because he gave them hugs and told them it was going to be okay right before they repelled down this waterfall.  Uh, I don't think that makes him amazing....what is he going to say "Good luck, there is an off chance you might die, but you will do great."  Michelle called Jackie dramatic for being terrified of heights...really Michelle, REALLY?  I think there was an entire segment of you freaking out before going down that building.  Later on in the evening, after talking to Jackie, Brad realizes that she was jealous of the fact that he repelled with Michelle and not her.  He then says it bothers him b/c that is his "job" is to make sure they are all happy.  WRONG.  That is the reason they are all hot messes.  Your job is to find "love" not make empty promises to them.   Brad awkwardly ended the group date by NOT handing out a rose. Oh boy, here come the claws and the tears.

Brad and Alli rode off on horseback to a 40 million (?) year old cave.  Earlier in the show, Alli was so terrified of a BEETLE, that she threw her wine glass and screamed bloody murder.  I hate spiders, but really, a beetle?  She sure handled the cave pretty well for someone who is so "scared" down the drama factor girlfriend.  I found myself yawning during their talk, then I had to rewind it just to see if it really was that was kind of uncomfortable to watch. 

Michelle, honey, you are just trying way too hard and it is a shame that Brad cannot see that.  I think he is just keeping her around for well, you know what.  No one is right for Brad in her eyes, and for her it seems that this experience is more of a competition and beating Chantal is the goal, rather than being with Brad.  You could definitely hear the crickets chirping after Michelle told everyone she went to Brad's and lied to their faces about what she said.  Their expressions were priceless.  I didn't think Jackie would make it much longer, but Britt hasn't gotten much air time, so I was convinced it would be her.  She was pretty composed and didn't turn up the waterworks...atta girl!

When I paused the TV, I looked at the screen and this was the picture that was on the screen.  Definintely a nutcase....I mean, that expression says it all.


For anyone who watched the Super Bowl, aside from the actual game...favorite moments?  Loved Lea Michele's version of "America the Beautiful"...sang it like it should be.  As for the National Anthem...well, that didn't fare so well in my opinion.  Xtina came out looking like a blonde Snookie and botched the words and even some notes, even though it was a safe assumption she was going to add way to many rifts and notes.  Girl needs to get it together, and a new stylist might help her do so.  I personally loved the halftime show, pitchy or not, I think everyone can agree it was very entertaining.  Usher was a nice surprise, love me some Usher dancing!  Favorite commercial....I loved the Bridgestone one with the guy who e-mailed out "reply all" instead of "reply"---probably b/c I can totally relate to that.  I also loved the Volkswagon one with the little boy dressed as Dark Vader.  Well done.  :) 

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